deserv to win this world cup


After watching that performance by the United States the England manager and players should really hang their heads in shame. It’s not all about winning. It also about commitment, effort and pride. The U.S. showed us how to play tonight !Belgium 2-1 USA


If Tim Howard isn’t considered the best keeper in the Premier League…I don’t know who is. He was absolutely brilliant despite the defeat.


Been many great games, 5 of the 8, 2nd round games went to extra time. You would think in extra time the game would slow down slightly, it been the complete opposite, the game livens up

阿根廷1 – 0瑞士


Barca without Messi= nothing. Argentina without Messi= nothing. But yes, Messi isonly good because of Xavi and Iniesta


not Argentina neither Brazil deserv to win this world cup

Allan McInnes,

I thought the Dutch were the dirtiest team in the tournament but the Swiss were a bloody disgrace. Organised thuggery. Cynical fouling more akin to rugby tackles. Breaking every rule in the book and the ref let them away with it. I am disgusted with modern ” football. ”

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