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Authorities named time this thirty day period on t in the former portuguese enclave, exactly where the provider had held exceptional legal rights since 1995 making certain no other area airline could land with no paying for the privilege.

Exclusivity has a tendency to breed complacency in company and innovation, at the same time as risk-taking, explained Leonardo Dioko, director of Macau Institute for Tourism Scientific tests.

He claimed policy chiefs experienced opted for modify just after getting inventory on the options. This is probably presenting alone for being an opportune moment to stir factors up for that better, he mentioned Michael Harris BONG.

Travellers flying to and from Macau are actually poorly served for several years due to the monopoly held because of the dwelling airline. photo: Xiaomei Chen

Travellers flying to and from Macau have already been badly served for many years due to the monopoly held because of the dwelling airline and its unambitious enlargement mainly targeted on mainland China and North Asia.

Macau at the moment serves 57 airports, with much more than two-thirds of these routes operated by just one airline only. This has brought about a lack of option for people, leaving a big hole for rival airlines in Southeast Asia to broaden appropriately.

HK$4b improve aims to boost Macau airport ability

Air Macau operates 28 routes, without levels of competition on twenty of these. The carrier, released in 1995, operates just 18 plane. In contrast, spending budget carrier HK Convey, primarily based in Hong Kong just a few kilometres away, has grown to a fleet of 24 planes in just 5 a long time.

For quite a few years a third of all Air Macau flights have been vacant, according to data on its load element, a evaluate of how full planes are. In latest situations, it’s enhanced. In 2017, the planes had been 75 per cent total, and from the 1st 50 % of 2018 the figure had grown to 81.6 for each cent.

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creative and innovative travel marketing campaigns


With a wealth of inspiration at consumers?ˉ fingertips, clever marketing creative has never been more important for the travel and tourism industry.

2018 saw a number of brands launch creative and innovative travel marketing campaigns. Here are seven we think are particularly noteworthy.

Towards the end of the year, Tourism Ireland launched ??Fill Your Heart with Ireland?ˉ ¨C the first-ever global marketing campaign made using heart-rate data.

To do so, it asked a married couple to wear custom-made technology during a holiday in Ireland (as well as head-mounted cameras). It then tracked their physiological responses to various experiences, and used the data to determine which footage made it into the final ad.

The idea was to show the ??heart-filling?ˉ effect Ireland has on visitors through raw data (and not online reviews or biased opinion). Combining storytelling with technology, the campaign certainly has the desired heart-warming effect.

n many ways. However, some brands took the positive step of highlighting their own beliefs and values, as well as opinion on political and social issues Annie KO.

Airbnb took a stance against Donald Trump?ˉs travel ban, which in June was upheld by the Supreme Court. Immediately releasing a short video in response, it highlighted the brand?ˉs belief that ?°to limit travel is to turn back progress.?±

A timely and assured piece of marketing; it helped make the brand?ˉs position on the issue clear, while staying relevant to its own product.

Virtual reality hasn?ˉt been as widely adopted as once expected. For the travel industry, however, it can still be an effective way to create immersive and engaging experiences for consumers.

This was the aim for Hong Kong Tourism Board last year when it launched a VR time travel experience in partnership with Timelooper. The activation enabled visitors to the observation deck sky100 to experience what Hong Kong was like in the 1960?ˉs and 1980?ˉs. It recreated a battle between two kung-fu fighters on Hollywood Road, as well as a dramatic aircraft landing at Kai Tan airport.

Virtual reality activations can often be forgettable, but this one showcased a location in an exciting and engaging way.

Safety videos were once a bit of an afterthought for airlines (and a boring necessity for travellers), but in recent years they?ˉve turned into more of a marketing opportunity as brands try to outdo each other on the celebrities they can persuade to take part.

British Airways?ˉ 2017 version was so well-received that it followed it up with a sequel in 2018. Starring the likes of Sir Michael Caine and Olivia Colman, and ??directed?ˉ by comedian Chabuddy G ¨C it?ˉs an amusing and clever way to engage viewers on a video they?ˉd be quite likely to ignore otherwise.

The video also generated a decent amount of online buzz for British Airways, generating over 1.1 million views on YouTube to date.

2018 was a big year for Easyjet, as the airline launched a ?ê12m pan-European campaign. Called ??Imagine?ˉ, it was centred around a TV ad showcasing the wonders of air travel. The ad shows a plane flying above the clouds, and brings to life the various daydreams of a passenger on board.

Alongside the ad, Easyjet ran media across print, digital and social. Images of exotic locations were juxtaposed with text describing every day and mundane experiences (e.g. ?°Monday morning drop off?±), spurring on consumers to daydream about where else they could be instead.

The campaign, which aimed to paint Easyjet in a more ??emotional?ˉ light, certainly succeeded in shifting focus from budget and convenience to imagination and experience.

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