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With a stumble seemingly within easy reach, there are specific minutes voyagers will in general anticipate most: the primary night’s rest on those floofy inn cushions, that difficult to-eat reservation you scored,  outfitted to catch. Be that as it may, arriving Not really.

As movement editors, we invest energy in that dull in the middle of — on planes, in air terminals, in a very late pressing free for all, and so forth — so regularly that we’ve been compelled to search out the things that make those disappointing travel minutes all the more a joy, and to a lesser degree a torment.

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Marvis Toothpaste

Affability of Amazon

Marvis Toothpaste

“I’m an ongoing proselyte to extravagant travel toiletries: decent cleanser, facial fogs, and indeed, even this Italian toothpaste which I like generally due to its pretty mark. Stocking my Dopp unit with items I wouldn’t generally purchase makes each trek feel somewhat liberal and vacationy, regardless of whether my goal isn’t too exciting and my adventure turns out horrendous.” — Lila Battis, Food and Travel Editor

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Molton Brown Travel Bath Set

Cordiality of Molton Brown

Molton Brown Travel Bath Set

“Two inns I’ve remained at lately have utilized Molton Brown toiletries, and they smell so stunning I’ve turned out to be frustrated when I check in and they’re not sitting tight for me. The best arrangement Bring your own, and all of a sudden even your next Airbnb will feel like a first rate lodging. What’s more, on the off chance that you happen to remain in a place with an incredible bath (https://www.travelandleisure.com/culture-structure/engineering configuration/best-washrooms), the Japanese Orange body wash will fill the tub with fragrant air pockets and make the entire room possess a scent like a garden. Yet, don’t believe me — get a set that gives you a chance to locate a most loved fragrance of your own.” — Nina Ruggiero, Senior Digital Editor

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R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo Travel Size

Kindness of Amazon

R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo

“Travel hair is regularly not excellent hair, particularly when long flights and days out and about make it hard to crush in a hot shower. This dry cleanser smells fabulous, makes your hair feel delicate and clean, and may very well persuade others that you have, actually, set aside the opportunity to bathe yourself. Superior to anything some other dry cleanser I’ve attempted, it merits each penny.” — Bailey Bennett, Audience Engagement Editor

panama ‘Marshall’ Travel Wallet

Kindness of Nordstrom

Travel Wallet

“I will proselytize anybody who’ll tune in about my movement wallet. It has perfect minimal named openings for keeping all my movement reports composed, and it’s this delicate, rich cowhide that makes me feel like a Fancy Lady each time I convey it — a decent, but passing, sensation when you’re sardined into a center seat in economy. It’s sufficiently ample to convey a telephone and a reinforcement battery, and it even serves as a grip for dressy occasions.” — Lila Battis, Food and Travel Editor

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Ortenburgers was a movement benefit

The sound quality is eminent and you can likewise

will stock people’s cowhide packs

Flying is continually energizing regardless

Be that as it may, some of the time

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well-versed in the language of waterways


“One of the most amazing things are the egrets and herons that fly up this creek,” says one of the homeowners, gesturing toward a leisurely arc in a small tributary of the Wilmington River. “Where it bends, they bend,” she says.

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Exterior. photo by Beau Kester

By the homeowners’ count, hundreds of birds alight in the nearby lagoon nearly every night, drawing in the next species: dogs. More specifically, their own — and the neighbors’. When they’re not gleefully chasing birds, neighbor pups have taken to stopping by for visits (and belly rubs) inside this lovely, light-filled home, and it’s easy to see why. Consider the 180-degree windows in the living room, displaying those marshes alive with birds; the centuries-old longleaf heart pine floors, emanating warmth and soul; the meticulously placed marble doorframe in the master bathroom; the open-air porch. Taken together, every tiny detail of the home bolsters its charismatic yet easygoing air.

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Living room. photo by Beau Kester

Which is why, of course, amid the swirl of tidewaters in a mellow breeze, the gentle trill of birdsong and the happy-go-lucky mischief of those lovable dogs, it’s the humans who are here for the long haul.

The husband grew up in New Zealand, and the wife is Savannah born and bred. Their childhoods among some pretty spectacular scenery, whether Lowcountry marsh or wild, rugged mountains and beaches, afforded the couple a keen eye for natural beauty, a must for finding this particular lot. They knew they wanted a property with a view, removed from downtown bustle. (They were on to something. The area was near empty four years ago; now, there’s hardly a lot left.) They also chose a unique east-facing view that gets its own special kind of sunset. “We don’t get it in the sky, but streaking across the marsh,” he says.

Kitchen. photo by Beau Kester

When it comes to architecture and interiors, they have plenty of practical experience; this is the fourth home they’ve built together. perhaps more important in achieving the home’s quiet panache is the husband’s previous career as a commercial photographer (his striking, black-and-white works hang in several of the home’s rooms). “Experience helps,” he says, “[but] so does understanding the visual interactions.”

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Indeed, many aspects of the three-bedroom, three-bathroom home are fine-tuned to create the most pleasing visual effect. Its curb appeal is due in large part to a wide, curved driveway that leads on one side to a hidden, two-car garage beneath the main living space, which took “lots of geometry” to get just right. The placement of the house is turned a seemingly imperceptible three feet from its original planned direction and raised 11 feet in the back, drastically improving the view from inside as one looks out onto languid coastal landscapes. Windows, placed at every opportunity, facilitate that view and its accompanying sense of calm. The furniture is a conversation between several centuries, eras and countries of origin: a midcentury dining set, an Italian raffia desk in the office, a 200-year-old heirloom farm table from Exmouth, England. Some furniture was restored by a family member; other pieces are from a custom furniture maker who traded for photographs twenty years ago. peppered in are handmade finds from local shops. And then there are the floors.

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making you feel like you need hundreds of highly

well equipped with ample storage

Also, if one judges the utility of any space

She has interviewed chefs who are deeply attached to their

James Beard Award for her writing

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programmatic advertising has become one of the most


Over the past five years,  common buzzwords in our industry. Reams of articles, white papers, industry conference panels, et. al., have been devoted to positioning programmatic as the savior of digital advertising. A few years back, it was even dubbed the “Word of the Year” in some editorial quarters.

All the excitement, while not really warranted at the time, was totally predictable. While real-time bidding (RTB) and automation in the open ad exchanges were gaining traction in the late aughts into the 2010s, it was very primitive. When the algorithms and the “pipes” got quicker, smarter and more efficient, the industry gave it a name for everyone to rally around: programmatic. The theory and the promise was that programmatic would allow marketers to create scale of impressions and engagement across the long tail of the internet in an automated way that would be informed by data signals from all across the consumer ecosystem. The industry has essentially bought in. EMarketer estimates that almost four of every five U.S. digital display dollars will be purchased programmatically in 2017, totaling $32.56 billion.

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inRead invented by Teads

The past year has shown that the programmatic universe sacrifices quality at the expense of quantity.

That’s essentially how it was supposed to work. But as we rounded into the end of 2017, unfortunately, reality in this case had not met the hype. When the programmatic rubber met the road, drivers discovered way too many detours, potholes and poorly lit back roads crawling with bandits and ne’er-do-wells of many stripes. The programmatic open exchanges were discovered to be rife with all sorts of bad ad inventory issues. Threats include ad fraud, such as bots and domain spoofing, as well as brand safety issues (think your brand’s commercial next to a jihadi training video on some obscure website pretending to be The New York Times). The third annual Bot Baseline report said that the economic losses due to bot fraud are estimated to reach $6.5 billion in 2017 worldwide.

The past year has shown that the programmatic universe sacrifices quality at the expense of quantity. And marketers are fed up and no longer willing to put up with it.

Or at least that’s what they have loudly and publicly demanded. Industry leaders like Marc pritchard of procter & Gamble have taken a more vocal stance, relentlessly pounding the drum for better accountability and quality of their digital media buys. Yes, there are plenty of companies making a lot of money in the digital ad supply chain, who have been getting away with willfully ignoring these plagues of fraud and brand safety issues for years. It’s nice that the powerful people with the purse strings are calling them out. While I respect the passion and commitment of the Marc pritchards of the world, there is a larger point that often gets lost in the current clamor.

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That point that nobody is really making is that, even if you can avoid bots or extremist sites, the long tail of the internet is teeming with boring, irrelevant and crappy content, which aren’t great platforms for consumer engagement. While well-known, established sites offer good content, programmatic display networks all too often serve up disruptive, annoying consumer experiences with annoying pop-ups, takeovers and autoplay videos with audio.

Right now, practically the only place where programmatic is effective is on Facebook. Because of the innate dynamics of the news feed and the inherent user engagement advantages, ads served up programmatically on social and search are the most effective.

Marketers should focus their efforts on a select group of curated, engaging platforms instead of wasting money by sprinkling budgets across the nether regions of the internet. Before you brand me Mr. Doom and Gloom, please know that I actually do believe in the promise of programmatic. I am very optimistic that artificial intelligence or machine learning will continue to be enhanced and refined. But right now, AI is just not that advanced. As renowned futurist Ray Kurzweil has been known to say, standard machine learning has the brain of a mouse. Which means that humans are still better to do things manually to drive ROI.

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programmatic buyingis a method of buying and selling

Unless you have been hiding under a rock

programmatic advertising ad spend is predicted to hit 33

As online advertising technology improves

a programmatic Specialist connected to the world’s largest

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Australia has to decide on trajectory of ties with US

I am writing to the author of the article “Meddling in South China Sea deepens Australia’s strategic plight” published in your newspaper last week.

I believe you have given much thought and consideration to the multi-faceted aspects of Australia’s recent and projected geopolitical trajectory. I also believe that we share a similar motivation to debate and discuss these issues further to discover new ideas. Having declared myself as like-minded as you, I would like to also add the following:

I generally accept your argument of Australia’s position in relation to the US and China. I also agree that Australia has much larger global ambitions than it is actually capable of. Australians in general harbor a false sense of self-grandiosity in international affairs.

I disagree with your conclusive understanding that this is a detriment to the Australian position. Whereas you may believe Australia has put itself into a hole, I think it is now at a crossroads.

I would like to introduce my thinking to yours on this article. Australia is at an advantage, as seen from its self-interest view. It has the opportunity to choose between the Mexico model or the Canadian model with regards to relations with the US.

The Mexico-model relationship would be based on a cultural resistance, resentment and being dictated by a neighboring economic/political superpower.

The Canadian-model relationship would be based on a passive acceptance, opportunism, low-population/high-security and being dictated by a neighboring/political superpower.

The future Australian elections, which will put individuals in positions of power in the near future, will be in a directing position to influence Australia’s path into what subordinate yet critical relationship it will have with China.

This will involve the national sentiment of the population, which is not favorable to the Chinese, and the irrational decisions by their elected officials.

I believe the Australians have an equal likelihood to fall into either Mexico or Canada models, however how the Chinese government handles Australians will be a huge factor in the final outcome.

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place he had not yet explored

he had forgotten it all again and was hatching more crazy plans. Matthias was constantly amazed at the mode of life in the Sparra court. The sparrows showed no kindness or civility to one another, often fighting savagely among themselves on the slightest pretext. Warriors, and even fledglings, joined in. The injuries they inflicted upon each other were appalling.

Sparra folk knew nothing of the firemaker’s art. By day the court was illuminated by sunlight that streamed in through the cracked and broken slates and slanted up through the eaves. All food was eaten uncooked, worms and small insects providing the main diet. The Sparra did not discriminate between different species of insects. All came under the genera] heading of “worm.” Thus a sparrow might make a meal of a butterfly or a grasshopper and refer to it as “wormfeed.” “Worm” was also used to denote an enemy or a coward or anything alien to the Sparra. Fresh flowers and tender shoots of vegetation were used to supplement the worm diet, also berries and whatever fruit a Sparra could carry in flight. Matthias was grateful for this. He abhorred the idea of eating live worms or dead insects.

There was no strict routine of chores ever carried out. Apart from parents feeding fledglings, everything was left undone until tomorrow, which meant it never was done. The evidence of this lay all about the court; dirt, dust, filth and general chaos prevailed.

Matthias gradually found that once he could keep pace with the speedy delivery of Sparra language it was relatively simple. Some of the Sparra chattered with such rapidity that Matthias was sure they could not understand themselves.

Matthias was not sure whether Warbeak knew of his mission to bring back Martin’s sword; certainly Dunwing did not. The young mouse had had a good look round most of the Court, but the sword was not to be seen. Matthias reasoned , that it must be in the one : the private chamber of the King. He thought long and hard about how he might obtain access to the royal apartment. He did not want to cause trouble for his friends, nor did he want tbem to suspect what he had come for. And supposing he did regain the sword, the next problem would be how

to take it safely back down to the floor of the Abbey and his

own kind.

Matthias figured that he had been in his new surroundings 1 for a night and a day. Towards the evening of that day, he 1 was sitting outside the nest, repairing his torn haversack and taking stock of his personal effects. Each time a sparrow passed by he would grin vacantly and strike up his song. No one bothered to take much heed of him.

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with a lilac veil

He breakfasted at the Cosmos at eight, and before nine was at the office where he finished the morning mail before even Tooker and the clerks were aware of his presence there. There were many threads of the Sanborn case still at a loose end and he spent a long while writing and dictating to his stenographer, who was still at his side, when, at about eleven o’clock, the office boy brought in Nina Jaffray’s card .

He was still looking at it when Nina entered.

“I was afraid you might be busy, Phil,” she said calmly, “but I wanted to see you about something.”

He nodded to his stenographer and she took up her papers and went.

“The mountain wouldn’t come to Mahomet and so——”

“Do sit down, Nina.”

“I’m not interrupting you very much, am I?”

He laughed.

“No. I’m glad you came, if only to prove to my friends that I really do work.”

“Oh, is that all?”

“No. I’m glad to see you for other reasons.”

“I’m curious to know them.”

“To be assured, for one thing, that you’ve forgiven me for my boorishness ——”

“Oh, that! Yes. Of course.”

“And for another—that your mood will spare me the pains of further making a fool of myself.”

Nina shrugged lightly and laughed at him.


“Of course you know your limitations, Phil. How could I promise you that?”

Gallatin smiled at her. She was very fetching this morning in a wide dark beaver hat , and her well-cut tailor-made, snugly fitting in the prevailing mode, defined the long lines of her slim figure which seemed in his office chair to be very much at its ease.

“Will you be serious?”

“In a moment. For the present I’m so overjoyed at seeing you, that I’ve forgotten what I came for. Oh, yes—Phil, I’m hopelessly compromised and you’ve done it. Don’t laugh and don’t alarm yourself. You’re doing both at the same time—but I really am—seriously compromised. There’s a story going around that you and I vacation rentals——”

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deserv to win this world cup


After watching that performance by the United States the England manager and players should really hang their heads in shame. It’s not all about winning. It also about commitment, effort and pride. The U.S. showed us how to play tonight !Belgium 2-1 USA


If Tim Howard isn’t considered the best keeper in the Premier League…I don’t know who is. He was absolutely brilliant despite the defeat.


Been many great games, 5 of the 8, 2nd round games went to extra time. You would think in extra time the game would slow down slightly, it been the complete opposite, the game livens up

阿根廷1 – 0瑞士


Barca without Messi= nothing. Argentina without Messi= nothing. But yes, Messi isonly good because of Xavi and Iniesta


not Argentina neither Brazil deserv to win this world cup

Allan McInnes,

I thought the Dutch were the dirtiest team in the tournament but the Swiss were a bloody disgrace. Organised thuggery. Cynical fouling more akin to rugby tackles. Breaking every rule in the book and the ref let them away with it. I am disgusted with modern ” football. ”

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She began to indulge in this rare stable

She began to feel that she should not go on living this way, she needs to stand firm, she strongly desire in the city can stand back alive, and not the oppressed, was down, and even insulted. Then two years later, she finally get to worked at an electronics factory, although some hard, sometimes day and night to work overtime, but do not worry not to pay wages, also need not be always on tenterhooks was to resign. She began to indulge in this rare stable. Until that day, she saw the work in these twelve years, Zhou Jie, by day and night to work overtime overwork death on the table, and the factory only to compensate 20000 yuan. Her heart twitches, the heavy sense of unease has been around her, let her in the inextricably bogged down in. So she decided to take this three years of savings, began to contemplate his way annie g chan makeup.

She began to pay attention to their own factories near training school, whenever there is a free, no matter how long she would sit bus to attend the lecture, she eagerly need to know what is happening in the world, is in need of what, she doesn’t want to be this time lag. When she knew that now the network is more and more popular, and network programming, the salary is good, she resolutely resigned to a training school first began to learn programming. This to her, is a great adventure, but also a great opportunity, but she didn’t know. In the first half of this year, she had ever worked hard, are lonely. Always with those boring character, procedure as partners, sometimes even do not know a program and all through the night. When particularly difficult she will ask themselves, it’s worth it, but reason tells himself, since it has been started, will have no escape route. She can do, which is more seriously than anyone else, all efforts box mod kit.

Finally through the first half of this year, have some fat in her, but now looks a little pale and thin. In the teacher’s recommendation, she entered a local scale little company do programmers, wages by the first 3000 into 5000, her heart a bright glare. At that moment, he suddenly want to, want to want to. She took out her mobile phone, finally according to the meditation million mobile phone number, that end of the telephone voice is familiar with such as yesterday. Her heart burst of joy, that is the fire of hope in the long pent up rage burning, and was instantly quench. But he simply ask who. She knew not what to say suddenly cramped. Half a minute later, there are broken. Soon to the mobile phone information. Only five words: I have been married. Suddenly, the heart is like to split the general, she shed floods down one’s cheeks Residence Design.

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brilliant achievements time hard

A pair of from the countryside to work in the cities of the sisters, after several twists and turns to be a gift company for the clerk virtual office.

They have no fixed customer, also does not have any relations, every day can lift heavy clock, photo album, cups, lamps and all kinds of handicrafts samples to find buyers, along the city’s high streets and back lanes. Over the past five months, they ran to break a leg, worn-out mouth, still everywhere, also do not have even a key chain to sell out.
blue sky
Disappointed countless worn away sister finally patience, to her sister put forward two people resign together, find out. The sister said, everything is hard in the beginning, and then insist on for a while, perhaps next time has the harvest. Despite the sister to sister, said farewell to the company

The second day, the two sisters go out together. Sister in accordance with the recruitment advertising guidelines is going around looking for work, the elder sister still carrying around looking for customers to sample. That night, two people return to a rental house is two kind of mood: sister job failed, sister has returned the first order of promoting the career. A sister four times has visited the company to recruit a large meeting, place an order for two hundred and fifty sets of exquisite handicrafts to her as the delegates of the souvenirs, the total value of about two hundred thousand yuan. Sister so to get twenty thousand yuan Commission, Amoy first pot of gold to work. From then on, the elder sister of the performance continues to rise, orders come one after another 戒煙.

Over the past six years, the elder sister not only owned a car, but also has more than 100 square metres of housing and his gift company. And the sister’s job is like a lantern in the dinner dress, even by sister for help.

Sister to sister to ask the essence of success. Sister said: “in fact, all the secret of my success lies in my more than you effort.”

The difference is only a time hard ah, originally talent equal opportunity same sisters, then embarked on the road of life be totally different.

Not just the elder sister, how many brilliant achievements, celebrities, initial success also stems from “once more efforts”.

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the worsening humanitarian crisis

The government and rebels in South Sudan have agreed to end fighting and form a transitional government within 60 days, Ethiopia says.

The regional IGAD bloc, mediating the conflict, has threatened sanctions if they fail to abide by the agreement

It follows a rare meeting between President Salva Kiir and rebel chief Riek Machar in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Previous deals to end the violence have been broken by both sides, compounding the worsening humanitarian crisis.

Thousands have now died in the conflict that started as a political dispute between Mr Kiir and Mr Machar, his sacked deputy, but escalated into ethnic violence

More than a million people have fled their homes since fighting erupted last December.

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